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    Home Furnishing Consignment | The First Choice for Furniture Consignment on the Main Line!
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    Home Furnishing Consignment is the Philadelphia Main Line’s premier fine furniture consignment store specializing in preowned custom and name brand furniture.? We have been in business since 1999 and have over 6500 square feet of showroom/retail space.? As we are located in the heavily trafficked Gateway Shopping Center that includes Trader Joe’s and Staples, we enjoy a steady flow of customers. ?Along with fine used furniture we also sell art, mirrors, lamps, fine crystal, and home décor items. Additionally, we carry new upholstered goods, from Klaussner Home Décor, and designer items from Crestview Lighting, and Kenroy Home.


    Our mission is to provide the highest quality consignment and sales services executed with honesty and integrity.


    Come meet our experienced and friendly staff, browse our extensive inventory, and find some amazing deals!


    Consign With Us! It’s the smart and easy way to sell! We take care of everything from pricing, merchandising, marketing, as well as third party delivery options.


    Conveniently located on the Mainline in Wayne, in the bustling Gateway Shopping Center, we’re closer than you think.

    Home Furnishing Consignment ? ? ?Gateway Shopping Center, 139 East Swedesford Road, Wayne, PA 19087 ? ? ?610.964.1903 ? ? ? Email Us

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